Predictive Analytics
for Skilled Nursing Facilities

RTMS provides a data-driven approach to resident care and financial management resulting in fewer hospital readmissions, lower cost of care, and increased revenues.

A Proactive Approach to Clinical and Financial Success

Our TranSights™ platform empowers clinical, operational, and financial decision makers with detailed recommendations for optimal resident care, ADL scoring, and workflow efficiency.

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Improve clinical efficiency and resident outcomes.

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Maximize reimbursements and lower cost of care.

Solving Healthcare Challenges with Data-driven Insights

From maximizing reimbursement rates to lowering healthcare costs, discover how RTMS’ clinical decision support software can solve your skilled nursing facility’s biggest business challenges.

Real-time Healthcare Analytics for Skilled Nursing

Insights from the Data You Own

RTMS is the only real-time clinical and financial analytics provider that does not require any client intervention. Our proprietary technology extracts data from any EMR to deliver significant savings and improve outcomes.

Learn How RTMS is Different

Your Partner in Skilled Nursing Success

RTMS delivers intelligent, timely resident care insights to the hands of key clinical and financial decision makers, helping skilled nursing facilities across the U.S. achieve higher standards of patient care.

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